Straight - helical gear (system Hobbing machines)
Straight - helical gear (system Hobbing machines) dia 200 x M4
dia 300 x M4
dia 300 x M8
dia 350 x M10
dia 500 x M7 with tangential supply
dia 600 x M8
dia 1200 x M12 with tangential supply
dia 2000 x M22
dia 1000 x M16 (CNC)
dia 300 x M10 Main shaft passage dia 150 (Horizontal)
System fellow
System : right toothing 7 x dia 180 x M4
1 x dia 500 x M8
1 x dia 2500 x M10
dia 900 x M10 tooth length 200m
1000 x M8
Crown gears
Crown gears interior M10 x 2500
exterior M20 x 2500
Worm milling cutter
Worm milling cutter M8 x 1000
Conical: conical gears
Conical: conical gears M2 cone length (120)
M9 cone length (300)
M20 cone length (400)
Conical helical gears
Conical helical gears M1 to M... to dia 2000
Sprocket wheels
Kettingwielen to dia 1800 x 2" 1/2
Gear grinding machine
Gear grinding machine M10 x dia 350
M25 x dia 1250